SaaS ERP solution helps energy tech company bring new products to market fast

Case study

SaaS ERP solution helps energy tech company bring new products to market fast

UST deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations in two months at an energy tech company. The out-of-the-box, cloud-based, SaaS ERP solution provided the company with integrated financial and operations management and insights to facilitate the launch of new products. The system provides real-time data to make informed decisions, keep costs in check, and boost employee productivity.


With a history of nearly 150 years, this American corporation designs and produces innovative technologies for the oil and natural gas industry. The organization is committed to delivering solutions that support environmental sustainability and emissions reductions.


Energy company needed ERP solution deployed in two months to support new product

With a fast-approaching product launch, our client needed a flexible, out-of-the-box ERP system deployed in 60 days—a tall order since the typical ERP implementation can take six months to two years. The energy tech company wanted a centralized solution that could provide a holistic, real-time view of integrated financial and operations data and business processes.


UST consulting team implemented off-the-shelf Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

In just two months, the UST project team deployed the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations system, part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solution suite. The UST team seamlessly integrated the company’s field service data and business intelligence systems into a single seamless system, offering a centralized platform to manage processes and data.


Cloud-native ERP solution gives client consolidated operational and financial insights

Despite the aggressive timeline, the solution was deployed in time for the product launch. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations system allows field employees to see real-time data and sync activities to make informed decisions and provide top-notch customer service. In tandem, company executives and line of business leaders can see up-to-the-minute views of financial, sales, and inventory data as well as detailed business intelligence reporting. The off-the-shelf subscription solution keeps operational costs in check, and the automated processes increase employee productivity.