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Welcome to the Era of Infinite Efficiency

Adolfo Rosa, Head of Digital Technology & Business Value

Who hasn't heard at some point in their life the typical phrase from a client or your own manager, telling you that "you have to do more with less"? - Well, we never thought that the time would come when we would not only be forced to do so, but to go even further.

Adolfo Rosa

Adolfo Rosa, Head of Digital Technology & Business Value

We now live in a reality that, not so long ago, we could never have imagined, where hyper-efficiency has become a basic requirement for all companies, and not just at one point in their value chain, but in each and every phase of their production cycle.

In my view, the step forward that companies need to take to address this situation is reinvention.

Don’t panic, we can do it!

At the business level, we live in a time of unprecedented change. Technology is transforming business at a pace the likes of which we have never seen before, and it isn't expected to slow down any time soon, which is why companies need to be increasingly competitive and relevant. How can companies do that? Companies can make their business cycles more efficient, not only by automating tasks but also by incorporating intelligence into decision making. This is where intelligent automation platforms emerge that learn and re-imagine business processes, reducing inefficiency and intelligently shortening manual workflows.

Think of onboarding processes, customer verification, recruitment of new professionals, sentiment analysis, customer service processes or the processing and distribution of orders which is so necessary in the face of the increase in ecommerce... and an endless number of processes where the application of predictive algorithms or machine learning can improve automation itself.

On a technological level, there are probably people who think that once RPA processes are started, they are already improving, but the truth is that the improvement does not stop there, even in this area we can go further, as robots can be monitored and their operating hours can be predicted to reduce costs.

However, beyond this process automation, I encourage you to develop your creativity and think about areas that until now were not necessary, for example, the automation and distribution of virtualised environments in the Cloud, automation of the creation of pipelines, the QA of conversational assistants or APIs and microservices, even automating cybersecurity issues, such as the detection and response to attacks on our SOC to anticipate the response to threats at a lower cost.

The business iceberg

In my opinion, automation is one of the foundations of efficiency, but it isn’t the only one - let's not forget about corporate culture, agility, productivity and so on, which can also contribute. To use a metaphor, the business world is a large iceberg where the part that is visible is digital onboarding for new customers, ways of relating to customers, personalisation to make them feel unique, in short, endless possibilities, where investment can be very high, with a universe of technologies ready to accompany them and enhance their deployment.

But the new reality, the same reality that forces us to develop all these actions in order to remain relevant as a company, requires a much greater dose of efficiency and innovation in the part of the iceberg that is under water, the part of iceberg that can’t be seen. The part that takes care of all the internal processes necessary to carry out business operations.

This part will be the savings base that will have a knock-on effect on the visible section of the iceberg. Today it is possible, and it doesn’t require eliminating jobs but involves not wasting human talent on tasks which can be automated and that don’t require their intervention at all.

Are you already coming up with ideas to make this happen in your business? That was the plan...

If you want to know more about how to raise efficiency to infinity, Adolfo Rosa will tell you about it at the annual RPA Day event. Are you ready for the new era of Process Automation? All the information you need can be found here