Vision AI solution enables Sam’s Groceria retail chain to reduce operational costs by 25%

Case study

Vision AI solution enables Sam’s Groceria retail chain to reduce operational costs by 25%

Sam’s Groceria wanted to manage inventory better to reduce stock-outs at its grocery stores. After UST implemented a robust vision AI solution, the company gained real-time on-shelf inventory monitoring, reduced operational costs by 25%, boosted sales by 20%, and decreased shrinkage by 20%.


With a goal of helping people live healthier lives, Sam’s Groceria, a popular grocery store chain in the Asia-Pacific region, prides itself on providing customers with the freshest, high-quality food at reasonable prices. The company is privately owned and operated.


Grocery store wanted data insights to decrease stock-outs

Store managers struggled to manage inventory, with issues ranging from out-of-stock items, lack of on-shelf product visibility, misplaced items, and theft. The company wanted innovative, user-friendly insights about inventory, shopper flow, and customer demographics to make informed decisions to:


AI vision intelligence solution provided curated data, helped store staff make informed decisions

UST implemented an artificial intelligence (AI)-based vision intelligence solution with 15 smart cameras installed at each store to collect data on shopper headcounts, customer flow, dwell times in different areas of the store, and on-shelf inventory. Deployed on Microsoft Azure Cloud, the vision AI solution captures still images and video footage throughout stores and can process both structured and unstructured data. The intuitive, customizable dashboard and detailed reporting helped store managers, procurement staff, and merchandising teams:


Real-time in-store insights increased sales by 20%

With vision-AI data insights extending far beyond inventory monitoring, Sam’s Groceria achieved these benefits: