Case Study

UST's Zoho CRM customization and implementation drove a Canadian laundry giant's customer satisfaction scores above 70%

UST transformed this Canadian laundry giant’s outdated customer service process, automating ticket management and reducing the average ticket response time from 72 hours to just 24 hours. By designing and implementing a customized Zoho CRM system for centralized ticket management, UST cut issue resolution time by 50% and enhanced customer satisfaction across the board.


Founded over two decades ago, this Canadian laundry giant has become the leading provider of commercial laundry solutions in Canada and across North America. With more than one million machines in operation and utilizing cloud-based laundry management software, the company serves a diverse clientele, including residents, property managers, and owners, ensuring optimal service and improving laundry customer satisfaction 24/7/365.


Confronting customer service inefficiencies in a fast-paced laundry operation

This powerhouse in Canada’s laundry sector, faced severe inefficiencies that significantly hindered their customer service performance. Reliant on outdated methods, like emails and paper forms, the company battled with fragmented data and excessive response times, averaging an initial reply of 72 hours and resolution times of up to five days. This slow response eroded customer satisfaction below 70% and impacted the company’s reputation in a market where speed and reliability are critical.

Additionally, managing three disparate ERP systems—a legacy custom solution, Great Plains, and QuickBooks—exacerbated these challenges, resulting in a cumbersome technical landscape that consumed considerable administrative resources, led to frequent data discrepancies, and impaired strategic decision-making and operational agility. This complex scenario underscored an urgent need for a transformative solution to automate customer ticket management in laundry services and for ERP consolidation, so the laundry business could reclaim and enhance market standing and customer trust.


Customizing Zoho CRM to streamline and enhance service delivery

UST revolutionized this laundry giant's service framework with a tailored Zoho CRM customization for the laundry industry. Our solution unified and simplified data management across all business facets, from core laundry services to new ventures, like parking and electric vehicle charging. We equipped the company with advanced tools for real-time customer engagement.

Key capabilities included dynamic ticketing systems, a mobile ticketing system for laundry services, and integrated customer feedback loops. These enhancements allowed service technicians to instantly access and resolve customer inquiries via mobile platforms. This comprehensive overhaul dramatically streamlined internal workflows, making operations more agile and responsive. As a result, the transformation led to a significant leap in service efficiency and customer satisfaction, setting a new benchmark for operational excellence in the industry.


Achieving measurable success in customer service and operations

The implementation of the Zoho CRM system transformed the company’s customer service framework, achieving remarkable improvements: