Case Study

UST’s RF optimization engagement helped telecom company increase download speeds by 26%

Following a multi-pronged approach, this tier 1 telecommunications provider optimized RF signals on its massive network, increasing signal strength 5% and reducing customer complaints 21%.


This Indian telecommunications company was founded more than a decade ago. As one of the leading 5G network providers in the region, the company serves nearly 450 million customers and generates approximately $14 billion in revenue for the wireless group and $107 billion as a company.


Rapidly growing customer base exposed network infrastructure limitations

As the company’s customer base grew, its network infrastructure was reaching maximum capacity. In particular, the company was dealing with these technical and business issues:

The company needed an experienced technology partner with deep telecommunications expertise to help address its infrastructure scalability issues and optimize network capacity to maximize signal strength, minimize interference, and efficiently manage traffic fluctuations through peak usage periods, geographic hotspots, and capacity surges.


Multifaceted approach to RF optimization improved telecom network performance

UST optimized the company’s radio frequency (RF) signals to improve data transmission speeds and enhance network performance. Additionally, this allowed the client to unleash customer experiences in previously underserved areas, leading to an improved user experience and the exploration of new markets and customer segments. Our muti-pronged strategy:

The comprehensive engagement helped the company resolve data transmission bottlenecks, prioritize critical traffic, improve network resource utilization, and optimize KPIs, for things like data throughput, call drops, and handover success rates.


Network optimization boosted customer satisfaction 21%

Now, the company is well-positioned to support its growing customer base and more diverse service demands, ensuring reliable connectivity for all users ,especially during peak usage hours. The engagement helped the telecommunications company: