Case Study

UST SmartOps helped a global asset management company increase NOC productivity by 20%

Alerts from network monitoring applications led to time-consuming, manual processes for reviewing and resolving incidents. The global asset management company implemented UST SmartOps to transform NOC operations, decreasing alerts by 70% and increasing productivity by 20%.


This global asset management company provides investment banking and asset management services to individual and institutional investors worldwide. The company employs over 1,000 people and manages well over $150 billion in assets.


Struggling with cumbersome, time-consuming NOC processes

The investment bank had a complex network operations center (NOC) with operations in over a dozen countries. NOC personnel relied on network monitoring tools with many interface modes, such as LogicMonitor®, Verba (acquired by Verint Systems), Forescout, Cisco Identity Services Engine, and Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. The various applications created a high volume of alerts, and the NOC team had to review and resolve the incidents manually. These time-consuming processes led to high costs and SLA violations. The bank wanted to streamline NOC operations and automate incident management processes.


Deploying UST SmartOps to simplify NOC monitoring

UST deployed and integrated UST SmartOps, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cognitive automation platform, in a PaaS model with the monitoring tools to continuously monitor infrastructure systems, devices, and applications across the company’s global network. Now, UST SmartOps:


Increasing NOC productivity by 20% with automations and analytical insights

UST SmartOps helped the company automate processes across its NOC, which has increased efficiencies, reduced operational costs, and improved customer experiences. Now, 100% of incident tickets are automatically created as issues arise. By aggregating alerts from the different monitoring systems, the bank has been able to suppress 70% of alerts that were triggering for the same problems. With approximately 3,500 tickets per month, these insightful, time-saving automations, combined with UST SmartOps virtual routing agents, have increased the productivity of NOC engineers by 20%.