Case Study

UST seamlessly executed a complex Lawson application upgrade with no business disruption

UST stepped in to lead the effort when this global retailer found itself with no other option than to upgrade an outdated, highly customized Lawson 7.x application to 9.x.The comprehensive migration plan resulted in a much more streamlined application, rooted in modern best practices, with better system performance.


This American multinational company is one of the leading big-box retail chains in the world. With more than 750 locations globally, the company employs more than 300,000 people and generates annual revenue of nearly $250 billion.


Complex, outdated Lawson system needed an overhaul

The retailer planned to expand into many different international markets. The company needed to upgrade its outdated, homegrown Lawson 7.x HR system to the current version 9 to keep pace with new business and compliance mandates to support this initiative. A heavily customized Lawson System meant that the upgrade would be very complex and expensive for the company. Lawson announced that support for version 7 would be discontinued to compound the situation. With no other option than to upgrade the legacy system, the company needed an experienced technology partner to manage the project, while streamlining the system and keeping costs in check.


Comprehensive plan ensured a smooth application upgrade

UST developed and implemented a functional upgrade plan and architectural roadmap to migrate the Lawson system from version 7.x to 9.x and from IBM AS/400 to the more current iSeries server. The plan included:


Successful upgrade completed on time and within budget

UST helped the retailer upgrade and streamline its outdated Lawson system before support expired for the version 7.x system—without business disruption and within budget. System performance improved by eliminating unnecessary customizations and purging redundant old data sets. By creating a “client university” knowledge repository for the retailer’s Lawson system, UST can train and upskill resources as an affordable approach to provide hard-to-find Lawson-skilled talent.