UST product engineering helped Liebherr accelerate new product development cycles by 30%

Case study

UST product engineering helped Liebherr accelerate new product development cycles by 30%

Liebherr Mining Equipment engaged with UST's product engineering team to complement its in-house engineering team. The rigorous development and testing process and the new designs helped accelerate new product development cycles by 30%.


Founded in 1949 after Hans Liebherr served in World War II, Liebherr Mining Equipment has grown steadily to become one of the largest heavy equipment manufacturers in the world. Today, the company comprises more than 130 companies and generates over €11 billion in revenue annually.


Resource constraints impacted product development

Liebherr wanted to add off-highway mining trucks with D98 engines to its product line to meet market demands for high-horsepower vehicles. However, as product development started, the company realized that the in-house engineering team lacked the resources to design the new engine. The lengthy process of searching for talent and training them would have significantly delayed the product launch. Liebherr, therefore, decided to partner with technology experts who offered the highly skilled resources they needed.


Expert engineers augmented Liebherr’s in-house D98 engine design team

Liebherr engaged with UST’s product engineering team to expand the capabilities of its internal product development team. Following our product process roadmap, UST designed and managed the functional testing for the required engine components:

From a field support perspective, UST reviewed the installation procedures for the truck’s component-part sub-assemblies. Before production, UST also executed and validated performance testing of the vehicle. The testing provided insights into the pressure drop on the air intake and coolant pipes, mass flow rate vs. exhaust back pressure, and filtration life of the fleet guard system on the engine piping.


Liebherr trims 30% off lead time for product launches

By collaborating with UST, Liebherr accelerated its new product development cycles by 30%. UST designs and CAD models, along with the form, fit, and functional assessment reports for the new mining truck's engine, form the baseline for Liebherr's future products using a D98 engine.