UST product engineering helped digital solutions company generate 77% YoY growth

Case Study

UST product engineering helped digital solutions company generate 77% YoY growth

A high-growth tech company called on UST’s expert product engineering team to modernize its cloud platform and consolidate acquired company systems. The unified, personalized commerce platform increased functionality by 30% and automated 82% of regression tests. See how we can help transform your product development process. Get a clear picture in just 2 hours.

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This American software company helps businesses in a wide range of industries create modern digital B2B and B2C online experiences. The company employs several hundred people who manage an impressive roster of name-brand clients.


Digital tech company needed product engineering expertise to update and consolidate systems

The company was searching for a software engineering partner to help modernize its core cloud-based digital commerce platform. In addition, the software company had recently acquired several businesses with overlapping technologies. The client’s IT team also needed help to:


Expert software engineering team created unified, personalized commerce platform

UST’s product engineering team kicked off the project by implementing a flexible microservices architecture using APIs, containers, and .NET Core. This strategy reduced platform maintenance costs and paved the way for the client to offer headless commerce solutions to its customers easily. UST product engineers also developed a cross-platform automation framework with RESTful APIs, a web page user interface, and chatbot capabilities that execute automated daily tests on multiple environments and configurations.

UST consolidated several systems into a unified, personalized commerce platform, including order management, eCommerce, mobile point of service, and several personalization products. By implementing business process management workflows, the project team also enhanced fulfillment functionalities, so the client’s retail customers can provide omnichannel experiences to consumers. To enable the client’s customers to tailor the commerce platform to the needs of their end-user customers, the team also implemented optional product customizations for search, retail product recommendations, and other personalization features. With all functionality consolidated in a unified platform, enhancements, maintenance, and upgrades are streamlined as well.


By outsourcing product engineering and development, tech company achieved impressive results

The new unified, personalized commerce platform helped the company achieve tremendous growth—including an impressive 77% year-over-year (YoY) increase in online revenue and a 23% average increase in conversion rates. The microservices architecture, with APIs and open-source tools, contributed to that growth by significantly reducing platform costs. The new architecture, along with starter kits and accelerators, also increased the delivery of new features and functionality by 30%. Thanks to the new automation framework, 82% of regression tests are now automated across multiple platforms.


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