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UST's parole tracking solution helped electronic monitoring company increase productivity by 80%

Criminal justice technology company modernized legacy parolee monitoring application with modern, cloud-based solution that can handle 25 million bidirectional messages daily, helping parole officers become 80% more productive.

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This client provides electronic monitoring and other advanced technologies for criminal justice systems worldwide. To make communities safer, the company’s solutions have revolutionized how courts and law enforcement agencies monitor and manage the location and activities of paroled offenders.


Electronic monitoring company wanted to modernize its legacy parolee tracking application

One of the client’s core technology systems - that parole officers worldwide use to track parolees - was nearing the end of its useful life. The user interface was cumbersome and needed an overhaul. The legacy system couldn’t easily handle large data sets, and the monolithic infrastructure slowed response times. The company wanted a technology partner with extensive application development expertise to help design, develop, and deploy a robust web-based application and companion mobile app to track parolees in real-time.


Software experts delivered state-of-the-art parolee tracking solutions with an integrated mobile app

UST developed a unified platform enabling parole officers to manage their caseload in real- time using a web-based application and integrated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Built with the latest Microsoft Azure cloud-based technology stack, the solution can handle 25 million bidirectional daily messages between devices and the cloud infrastructure, using Azure IoT and Azure Event Hub.

Designed to ingest and process data from a wide range of sources, such as alcohol monitoring devices, GPS trackers, Google Maps, Bing, and breathalyzers, parole officers can generate real-time reports, set alerts, and visualize complex data sets from multiple monitoring devices in a single view. The solution also allows officers to gain insights about potential criminal patterns using machine learning algorithms that analyze historical offender data. A streamlined DevOps ecosystem following CI/CD best practices helps the project team rapidly release new features and functionality and manage the solution so it runs at peak performance.


Parole officers reported 80% productivity improvements