Case Study

UST optimized a newly-combined wireless network after a merger, improving customer experience and increasing traffic by 10%

After a major merger, the tier 1 mobile operator needed to streamline its 5G LTE network. Through strategic traffic balancing and enhanced carrier layer utilization, UST delivered a 20% increase in average download speeds and a 3.5% improvement in market score.


Founded nearly 30 years ago, this international telecommunications company has become a leading provider of mobile phone services across Europe and North America. Offering flexible, competitive services, the company has almost 115 million customers and generates approximately $80 billion in revenue annually.


Merging two vastly different 5G networks caused service degradation and frustrated customers

After acquiring a competitor, the company needed to merge the new network with its existing telecommunications infrastructure. But, the two networks operated on different underlying 5G and 4G LTE technology vendors and used different site models, hardware types, spectrum bandwidths, and various cell configurations. These variances also encompassed cell size, transmit power, and antenna tilt differences. The vastly different network designs created uneven cellular traffic distribution as well as spectrum and mobility management issues. These challenges led to slow transmission speeds and reduced service quality, negatively impacting the customer experience. The wireless telecom company needed help harmonizing and fine-tuning network parameters and features across the merged network to ensure consistent coverage, adequate signal strength, and optimal resource allocation.


RF optimization services streamlined the merged networks and improved traffic management

UST meticulously assessed both networks and recommended radio frequency (RF) optimization services, including a combination of traffic management techniques, efficient spectrum and mobility management, and ongoing network monitoring to ensure the single, merged network delivered a smooth, reliable user experience. The RF optimization engagement included:


Optimized, merged network helped wireless provider increase transmission speeds by 20%

By optimizing the single merged network, the global telecom company has increased network capacity, improved transmission speeds, expanded its coverage area to reach customers in previously underserved areas, opened new markets, attracted new customer segments, and gained market share. The company has also achieved these impressive results: