UST-led cloud transformation effort for largest SAP implementation in the World

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UST-led cloud transformation effort for largest SAP implementation in the world

The cloud migration is anticipated to reduce the client’s IT footprint by 85% and cut OPEX costs by 40%.


With nearly 75,000 employees and more than $25 billion in revenue, this American multinational IT consulting firm helps enterprise organizations design, implement, and maintain technology solutions.


The company faced an imminent deadline to migrate data assets and applications out of expensive data centers

After a complex restructuring resulting in the spin-off of this global business services firm, the company’s data assets and applications were still running in the original company’s data centers. With hefty recurring fees and a looming deadline of October 2022 to migrate the assets or face penalty fees, the company needed to devise and implement a migration strategy quickly. The sheer magnitude of the migration effort was staggering, with more than 700 data assets and 20+ platforms running on 20,000 servers exchanging approximately 35 petabytes of data—all worth more than $30 billion in client business for this IT consulting firm.


UST led migration and cloud transformation effort for the largest SAP deployment in the world

The company tapped UST to help with the migration effort to move 45 of the assets—in what happens to be the largest SAP implementation in the world. As part of the migration plan, UST helped modernize the applications and security to run in a private cloud environment on HPE GreenLake, a global edge-to-cloud platform for enterprises. It enables companies to simplify their IT footprint, reduce IT costs, and scale cloud capacity up and down to keep pace with changing business needs.


Cloud migration expected to reduce IT footprint by 85% and cut recurring costs by 40%

After UST and SAP collaborated to certify the HPE GreenLake environment for HANA, the business services firm is on track to complete the migration of the 45 assets out of the data centers by the October 2022 deadline. As a result, the company expects to reduce its infrastructure footprint by 85% and cut OPEX costs by 40%. In addition to modernizing the software applications to run in a cloud environment, the company implemented an identity and access management solution to provide SSO authentication for SAP application users. UST also helped the company create a more developer-centric application environment.


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