UST IQ helped business data and credit industry leader achieve 2X increase in response rates

Case study

UST IQ helped business data and credit industry leader achieve 2X increase in response rates

Business data provider enhanced existing data analytics studio product with UST IQ.

A custom, self-service dashboard simplified data exploration for non-technical customer end-users-leading to a 200% increase in user adoption. Internal teams also use the solution to uncover insights, enabling the company’s marketing team to increase campaign response rates by 2X.


Founded more than a century ago, this American company is a leader in the business data and credit industry. With information on millions of organizations around the world, the company provides subscription-based products, business reports, data licensing agreements, and other services that generate more than $2 billion in annual revenue.


Business services company wanted an extensible analytics solution with intuitive UI and workflows

A couple of years ago, our client launched a data analytics studio product offering, so its customers can mine the company's business data and credit information to gain analytical insights. Although the data analytics studio was popular with its customer’s sophisticated data science teams, the client wanted to deploy a no-code user interface (UI) and out-of-the-box propensity model, so non-technical people could conduct simple, high-level, diagnostic analytics with pre-built datamining workflows. The UI and workflow technologies needed to seamlessly integrate with the existing data analytics studio application, which uses Databricks, to compute workloads, and Immuta for entitlements.


Engineering team implemented self-service UI, flexible propensity model, and custom dashboard

UST seamlessly integrated UST IQ on Microsoft Azure with the company's existing data analytics studio. UST IQ is an end-to-end data intelligence platform that allows organizations to explore, ingest, curate, analyze, deliver, and visualize data in situ. Our data engineering experts developed a propensity model that allows the company to easily create, augment, and publish workflows in the data analytics studio to meet the evolving data exploration needs of non-technical customer end-users. The project team also created a more intuitive dashboard that replaced the existing data analytics studio dashboard.


End-user adoption of the enhanced data analytics studio increased by 200%

After a successful implementation, adoption soared far beyond user acceptance of the client's legacy analytics studio offering—by an impressive 200% in the first year. This adoption rate exceeded the customer on-boarding goal by 100%. The client’s customers really liked the self-service, no-code analytics workflows that allow them to easily drag and drop data processors into directed acyclic graphs for high-level data exploration. The client’s internal teams are also using the enhanced data analytics studio. The marketing team uncovered insights to more precisely target high-value prospects and achieved a 2X increase in campaign response rates.