Case Study

UST helps global pharmaceutical company save up to $15 million per quarter and improve productivity by 25%

After implementing an SAP-based Vision AI solution in its manufacturing facilities to improve equipment operator SOP adherence, our client improved productivity by 20-25%, saved $10-15 million per quarter, and helped reduce unexpected downtime.

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This American multinational biotechnology company has been producing chemical compounds and pharmaceuticals for nearly two centuries. Today, the company operates research and manufacturing facilities worldwide and generates over $100 billion in annual revenue.


Real-time monitoring to ensure manufacturing workers follow standard operating procedures

High-quality production output is critical to safety and profitability in manufacturing. While our client provided detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) for its equipment operators, sometimes the employees didn’t adhere to company policies. These instances resulted in wasted ingredients and source materials and sometimes led to equipment and plant downtime, negatively impacting productivity and profit margins. Company leaders wanted to implement a real-time monitoring solution to ensure manufacturing employees followed SOPs, and if not, managers could quickly implement corrective actions.


Deploying a sophisticated vision AI solution to track and monitor SOP compliance

We implemented UST Sentry Vision AI, an SAP-based smart manufacturing solution that enables companies to monitor processes, inventory, and operations with vision-based quality checks. The vision AI solution actively monitors drug compounding operations and identifies SOP deviations in real time. When anomalies occur, equipment operators receive immediate alerts so they can take corrective actions to remedy the situation. By automating SOP adherence, our client’s manufacturing leaders can more easily:


Saving $40-60 million annually

The innovative vision AI solution has helped the company improve SOP compliance in its manufacturing facilities and achieve these results: