Case Study

UST helps global fast-food chain analyze and reduce complaints by 27%

UST developed a robust analytics solution using real-time data collection, NLP, and intuitive dashboards. The global restaurant chain collected, aggregated and analyzed customer sentiment data to identify issues and reduce complaints by 27% within a year.


The company is a multinational food and beverage company that owns and operates several well-known fast-food restaurant brands. They are primarily a franchisor of fast-food restaurant chains, and its business model revolves around franchising its brands to individual and corporate restaurant operators.They are a prominent player in the fast-food industry, with a strong global presence and a commitment to serving a wide variety of fast-food options to consumers around the world.


Inability to use customer feedback to resolve issues

Facing mounting customer complaints, the company wanted to implement a technology solution to capture and aggregate feedback from multiple sources, like social media and online reviews. Company leaders wanted to gain actionable insights to resolve issues from that data.


Creating a multichannel analytics platform to gather and aggregate customer sentiment

UST implemented a 360-degree customer feedback management solution that included:


Building a brand that listens and responds to customer feedback

By transforming its approach to customer complaints, the company reduced complaints across all digital channels by 27% in just a year. This solution helped the fast-food chain improve customer experiences and its brand.