Case Study

UST helped transform Standard Bank's digital banking experience to serve millions of customers across 16 countries

This multinational bank needed to consolidate disparate digital banking experiences resulting from a siloed country-wise business approach. With a deep understanding of African consumer behaviour, UST leveraged a design thinking approach to create flexible, frictionless banking experience that meets the needs of millions of customers across 16 countries.


Founded in 1862, Standard Bank is one of Africa's leading financial services companies. The bank operates in 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and the major global financial centers, serves more than 15 million clients, and has R1.4 trillion (US$142.9 billion) assets under management.


Building a seamless and consistent digital banking experience across countries

For years, Standard Bank was operating across multiple countries in Africa with disparate internet banking experiences that were built independently and in siloes. The result was a patchwork of inconsistent user experiences that did not reflect the brand guidelines and experience standards that the bank wanted to deliver. To compound the situation, the banking experiences in different countries spanned multiple languages and catered to diverse cultures and customer behavior. Standard Bank wanted to transform this into a streamlined, integrated experience that offered customers a consistent, modern banking experience yet localized to each country and culture.


Creating a cohesive yet flexible digital banking experience

UST experience design consultants and developers transformed Standard Bank’s disparate customer-facing online banking systems with a consolidated system that can be easily tailored to each country’s language, currency, and cultural preferences. The new system is designed to be:


Elevating customer experiences now with a system built for the future

With the new system, Standard Bank can: