UST helped online retailer transform operations to become digital marketplace, boosting sales by 128%

Case study

UST helped online retailer transform operations to become digital marketplace, boosting sales by 128%

e-commerce platform transformed to full-service digital marketplace supporting customers and vendor sales

UST redesigned the UI for an European e-commerce retailer to streamline shopper workflows and add functionality to accommodate vendor sellers. The new marketplace improved conversion rates by 128%, increased app downloads by millions, and boosted ratings to almost 5 stars.


Founded more than a decade ago, this European online retailer sells a wide range of household goods, clothing, and electronics. With several hundred employees, the company generates annual revenue of approximately $300 million.


E-commerce retailer wanted to revamp its digital platform to become a full-service online marketplace

Our client wanted to expand its operations from a traditional e-commerce platform that caters to consumer buyers to an extensive online marketplace that could also accommodate vendor sellers. This strategy required a complete overhaul of the user interface (UI) to add functionality to support the needs of sellers so they could list products, track inventory, and manage sales. The new marketplace functionality needed to work seamlessly on the company’s website and iOS and Android mobile apps.


Intuitive, self-service template catalog enabled vendors to easily list and sell products

UST redesigned the company’s existing e-commerce platform to provide more streamlined, intuitive workflows for shoppers. To accommodate vendors, the project team added a catalog of reusable components, or templates, to easily list and sell products. By abstracting the complex digital graphic design tasks, the UST team created a user-friendly, self-service template catalog of layouts and banners in different sizes for various product categories. The catalog also included branding guidelines, a pre-set color palette, and a library of approved typography and icons. The intuitive design catalog and well-planned templates allowed marketing team to create exhaustive product pages and attractive banners to list and sell products without requiring specialized graphic design skills.


Became #1 online marketplace in the country thanks to new seller functionality and redesigned UI

The redesigned and expanded digital marketplace platform is much easier for shoppers to navigate, and it provides vendor sellers with streamlined functionality to easily list and sell products—giving buyers even more products to choose from. The company has achieved these results: