UST helped luxury car manufacturer modernize and standardize global CRM system

Case study

UST helped luxury car manufacturer modernize and standardize global CRM system

Global automotive manufacturer overhauled and centralized its global CRM system with Azure Serverless technologies. The new containerized approach to application development enables the company to continually release new features and functionality.


This 100-year-old European luxury automotive manufacturer produces some of the most popular cars in the world—selling millions of passenger vehicles each year. Today, the company employs more than 150,000 people and generates nearly €150 billion in annual revenue.


Cumbersome, inconsistent CRM systems and processes around the world

Our client needed to overhaul its customer relationship management (CRM) systems and processes. The company’s facilities around the world used different solutions that were difficult and expensive to integrate and manage. With many systems in legacy on-premises environments, the auto manufacturer wanted to modernize and standardize its CRM technologies and processes to gain efficiencies and reduce costs.


Standardized, global, modern, cloud-based approach to CRM systems and app development

UST's project team migrated the on-premises solutions to the cloud and redesigned and standardized the company’s CRM system using Azure Serverless technologies. The team used Azure Data Factory to migrate data from legacy systems to the new global solution. To avoid disruption to the business, the UST team delivered a minimum viable product in 12 weeks in eight countries. By implementing a modern, containerized approach to application development, the project team can continuously deliver new CRM features and functionality to keep pace with an evolving business landscape.


Streamlined and accelerated sales processes

After a successful implementation, our client has a centralized, global CRM system and consistent processes that can scale to keep pace with growth. The streamlined CRM system infrastructure has simplified integrations with other business systems. The well-planned, reliable, timeboxed release management strategy means the app development group can rapidly deliver new features and functionality to end-user sales and marketing employees worldwide regularly to accelerate the sales funnel. Meanwhile, robust reporting, with drill-down capabilities, gives executives and line of business leaders up-to-the-minute visibility into global, regional, and local sales metrics.