Leading online services company upgraded website to reduce application costs by 90%

Case study

Leading online services company upgraded website to reduce application costs by 90%

UST software engineering experts implemented an advanced website upgrade for a leading online legal service company. Leveraging microservices and DevSecOps, UST reduced application expenditures by 90% and increased customer satisfaction by 35%.


This U.S.-based online legal services company began operations over a decade ago. Today, they are considered one of the most prominent online legal service companies in their sector. With over 1,000 employees, the business generates over $500 million in annual revenue.


Monolithic platform limitations hinder updates, scalability, and user experience, leading to increased cart abandonment

As an online legal service, their website was pivotal. Their legacy monolithic, on-prem infrastructure was cumbersome to update. An issue in any module could jeopardize the whole site placing their business at risk. Amidst these infrastructure challenges, they faced scalability issues because of the outdated technology stack. But even more alarming, the company noticed surging cart abandonment rates because of a complex check-out process. They needed a strategic partner with extensive product engineering expertise to modernize their online service platform.


UST transitioned outdated systems to agile microservices, cloud frameworks, modern UI, and DevSecOps

The company partnered with UST software engineering experts to redefine the website’s core. UST re-architected the monolithic application into flexible microservices on a cloud-based infrastructure. With the new backend architecture, the team also developed micro-frontends to accelerate the development and delivery of different user interface functional components.

The team implemented an agile DevSecOps strategy to streamline secure and rapid application rollouts. By optimizing website performance, the team reduced latency response timeframes, especially for cart-to-order page load times, significantly reducing wait times. Sauce Labs integration ensured multi-dimensional testing across browsers, devices, and operating systems. A global check-out page was implemented to simplify the purchase process. Finally, the project team replaced the manual threaded chat processes with an automated chatbot to speed up responses to customer questions.


Reduced application costs, streamlined processes, and enhanced client trust metrics

With the new, revamped web application in place, the online legal services firm achieved these impressive benefits: