Telefonica global video services

Case study

UST helped large telco annually cut costs by 20% with global video deployment network

An international telecom company wanted to roll out global video services, starting with four Latin American countries. With a comprehensive, complex, end-to-end engagement, UST helped implement a video deployment network that saved the company 20% annually on operating costs.


Based in Europe, this global telecommunications company provides fixed and mobile phone services, broadband connectivity, and subscription TV services to almost 350 million customers worldwide. The company employs over 100,000 people and generates more than €30 billion in annual revenue.


Global telecom provider wanted to launch mobile video streaming services

The company wanted to embark on a new business initiative: providing customers with global mobile video streaming service capabilities. It’s a service that lets users reliably connect using high-definition video on smartphones and tablet devices. The solution needed to be designed and deployed from scratch. It and required a wide range of complex technologies, including fiber optics, content delivery networks, third-party streaming services and over-the-top (OTT) video and audio services. The solution needed immense scale to handle a global reach and flexibility for decentralized management to provide end-to-end, high-quality mobile video streaming services.


Global project management touched on all aspects of the video services initiative

With a far-reaching project scope, the engagement spanned development to maintenance in which the UST project team:


Rapidly deployed global video services generated 20% annual savings

The global video services project rolled out in four countries in the Latin American region in 12 months-much faster than originally projected. Now, the customer has a flexible, efficient, scalable global video deployment network that generates savings of 20% per year compared to the previous model.