Case Study

UST helped international manufacturer of commercial trucks and engines deploy a mobile preventive maintenance app, boosting productivity by 50%

UST developed a mobile app for drivers and mechanics and a web-based application for fleet managers to help proactively manage truck maintenance.


With origins that date back more than 100 years, the client is now an American holding company that produces several brands of commercial trucks and buses, diesel engines, school buses, and aftermarket automotive parts. With a distributor network of dealers worldwide, the company employs nearly 15,000 people and generates approximately $9 billion in revenue annually.


Wanted mobile preventive vehicle maintenance solution

The client’s truck drivers needed a solution to manage vehicle repairs proactively. Although trucks rarely broke down, when mechanical problems did arise, the issues negatively impacted delivery timeframes, customer satisfaction, and profitability. The client’s IT leaders wanted a mobile solution that could run on Android tablets so drivers could easily use the solution on the road.


Delivered integrated mobile and web applications

With proven experience, UST designed, developed, and deployed a predictive vehicle maintenance application that the client’s drivers could download to a tablet device. The inspection reports are automatically uploaded to a centralized database as drivers examine their trucks before and after trips. The UST project team also developed a corresponding web-based application so the fleet management team could review vehicle data and schedule repairs. To close the loop, mechanics updated the application when repairs were complete.


Enhanced customer satisfaction and increased productivity by 50%

The proactive maintenance solution helped the client reduce unexpected vehicle downtime, decreasing delivery delays and improving customer satisfaction. The solution also boosted productivity by 50% and improved the client’s profitability.


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