Case Study

UST helped healthcare analytics company boost digital and brand presence with a 15% increase in page views

UST helped the spin-off business entity of an American healthcare technology company build its website from the ground up and support its marketing operations, which aligns with the new product and marketing strategy. Page views increased by 15%, and bounce rates dropped by 24%.


This American healthcare technology company is a leader in the medical research sector, offering innovative data analytics solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to help advance healthcare. The privately owned company employs several thousand people.


Overhauling website and marketing operations to align with new product strategy, branding, and marketing initiatives

After a corporate spin-off, this new company in the healthcare analytics field needed to establish name recognition and brand differentiation quickly. The marketing team wanted to restructure the previous business entity’s product portfolio. This required a new website to align with the new product strategy, effectively showcase product offerings, and provide users with an intuitive navigation experience. They also needed a powerful digital experience platform enabling the website to deliver personalized experiences at scale.

The marketing team also needed to quickly ramp up its operations to communicate and position the new brand effectively to create brand awareness and customer engagement by focusing on:


Delivering comprehensive marketing strategy across branding, website, content and campaigns

UST collaborated with the client to build the website from scratch. The website design put forth a fresh look that reflected the new brand identity of the client while focusing on key aspects of easy discoverability of information and attention to progressive disclosure. The information architecture was created to align with the six key products in the client’s portfolio. Adobe Experience Cloud was chosen as the digital experience platform on which the website was built. As a Gold Partner of Adobe, UST was able to create the solution architecture that was flexible and scalable as per business needs. By integrating Adobe Experience Manager with Adobe Marketo and Adobe Launch Tag Management for Analytics, the client now had the perfect foundation for their marketing and digital efforts.

To position the client as a leader in the healthcare analytics industry, UST also collaborated with ongoing marketing support for content operations, campaign deployments and the creation of new brand assets. We created a brand identity system, marketing collateral, and product image libraries for a variety of digital and offline channels to showcase the strong product positioning, unique value proposition, and competitive differentiation. Quick turnaround time for new content and high-quality creatives and content production were key in this engagement, which UST managed to deliver beyond expectation.


A huge boost for the client’s digital and brand presence

After transforming its digital and brand presence, the client could create content and deliver campaigns at the speed and frequency that the business needed. The new website provided users with an intuitive experience that enabled product discovery, provided information to increase product knowledge, and encouraged purchase decisions. The company has realized a 15% increase in page views and a 24% drop in bounce rates.