Case Study

UST helped GoPlanr get a massive 400% operational productivity boost

GoPlanr’s security team wanted to streamline and automate processes without increasing labor costs. The company deployed a robust workforce management system with UST's help, which improved cybersecurity operations by 400%.


GoPlanr is a dedicated software solution for workforce agencies who need to deploy employees to multiple client sites. It allows companies to efficiently schedule their employees and operate their back office operations through one cloud based software package.


Grappling with manual workforce scheduling processes

As GoPlanr rapidly grew its cybersecurity workforce, team leaders struggled to manage the scheduling of 150 staffing shifts. In tandem, the operations team strained under the pressure of an increasing security workforce and considered hiring more operations staff to overcome the challenges. Rather than hiring more personnel, the GoPlanr leadership team looked for a technology solution to automate manual shift scheduling and streamline other HR tasks to ease the burden on the operations team.


Automating processes transformed security operations

UST implemented a comprehensive workforce management and scheduling solution that seamlessly integrated into GoPlanr’s existing technology infrastructure. Designed to meet the unique needs of cybersecurity workers, the solution enabled security and operations leaders to:


Increasing operational efficiencies by 400%

Now, GoPlanr can scale its security team without adding headcount to its operations team—a significant cost savings. The new streamlined, automated workforce management processes improved the productivity of the operations team by an impressive 400%—the equivalent of two full-time employees. Manual processes that used to take days now only take hours.