Case Study

UST helped global telco increase market share to nearly 100% in metros and reduce complaints by 25-35%

UST led a nationwide small cell network implementation with meticulous precision and helped a global wireless provider save 20-30% on deployment costs. Once the project was complete, the telecom company increased its market share in metro areas to nearly 100% and 55% in non-metro regions.


This Indian multinational telecommunications company is considered a pioneer in the industry after implementing an innovative operations model that helps keep costs low and customer service high. The company serves nearly 500 million customers and generates approximately US$20 billion annually.


Deploying a nationwide 5G small cell wireless network

Our client needed a highly experienced technology provider with deep telecommunications expertise to help deploy a nationwide small-cell network. The project needed to be installed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, delivering top-notch service quality to customers. Given the competitive nature of the wireless telecommunications market and evolving consumer demands, the implementation partner needed to be willing to handle last minute changes and service upgrades during the project.


Overseeing a successful, thorough network implementation

After assembling a team of 5G telecom experts, UST conducted a small cell radio frequency (RF) survey to ensure the network design was appropriate for the designated dense urban locations and the network complied with RF emissions guidelines. From there, we used our proprietary mPulse platform, a multi-technology, vendor-agnostic analysis, and reporting tool, to manage the deployment of more than 6,000 small-cell radio access notes. The project included:


Surging market share and better customer experiences

After deploying the small cell network, the telecom company quickly increased its market share to 55% in non-metro areas and nearly 100% in key metropolitan areas. Customer complaints also dropped by 25-35%, and the project was 20-30% under budget.