Case Study

UST helped global retailer streamline SAP ERP application management

After struggling with SAP ERP process issues and massive cost overruns, this multinational retailer turned to UST to take over application management support. The company has reduced IT costs, enabled key internal IT personnel to focus on more strategic projects, and laid a solid foundation for growth.


This American multinational company is one of the leading big-box retail chains in the world. With more than 750 locations across the globe, the company employs more than 300,000 people and generates annual revenue of nearly $250 billion.


Needed SAP ERP expertise to reduce costs and streamline system management

This expansive, global retailer chose SAP for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. However, after an extensive and costly implementation effort with a top-tier systems integrator, IT leaders realized that an off-the-shelf ERP application, like SAP, wasn’t well-suited to its unique operations. The company needed to alter its processes to suit the SAP application, which proved difficult and led to expensive cost overruns.


Oursourced end-to-end application management services frees resources, reduces cost

With a successful 20-year partnership, the global retailer selected UST for this SAP application management support (AMS) engagement. The UST team:


With the successful AMS engagement in place, this multinational retailer has reduced its SAP-related IT costs and alleviated the burden of SAP ERP system management so that in-house IT personnel can focus on more strategic initiatives, like European expansion efforts. Even more importantly, company executives and IT leaders have peace of mind that the company has a stable IT foundation to scale growth.