Case Study

UST helped global benefits administrator transform its website experience

Our client’s website wasn’t able to adequately showcase their expertise in a cohesive and impactful manner. UST partnered with them and in just 16 weeks, was able to deliver an intuitive, secure, reliable website that does justice to the brand story and value proposition.


This multinational company provides benefits administration services to more than 1,000 businesses and millions of employees beneficiaries. Following a people-centric, technology-driven strategy, the company has achieved client retention and participant satisfaction ratings in the 90% range.


Outdated website needed an overhaul

Our client wanted to transform its simplistic WordPress website to enhance the customer experience. Although the website provided basic content and functionality, it lacked personalization, advanced SEO, and analytics capabilities. There were also issues with the contact form, and the website displayed some content in the wrong geographical region, causing confusion for business clients and employee beneficiaries. The company wanted to engage with a seasoned web development partner to transform the website into a sophisticated digital marketing platform that provided enticing brand content and offered tailored engagement experiences, while enabling non-technical marketing personnel to easily manage the branding, content, SEO, and analytics.


Delivered modern, responsive, easy-to-manage website

Following a 2-pronged approach, USTEvolve’s web development experts began by stabilizing the existing website, solving contact form and content display issues and added basic, interim SEO and analytics capabilities. From there, UST kicked-off an end-to-end website transformation project that included:


New and improved website enhanced company’s brand and user experiences

In just 16 weeks, the multinational benefits administration company had an elegant, responsive website that showcases its distinct position in the marketplace and elevate its brand awareness. The new clear, concise, authoritative design, taxonomy, and content are helping the company build trust and credibility with its target audiences, while simplifying complex benefits administration concepts and processes with transparent information and user experiences. At the same time, the company’s marketing team can easily manage and optimize content based on detailed analytics and SEO insights to deliver the right content to the right customer segments.