Case Study

UST helped global asset management company accelerate ESG data processing by 70%

An automated data engineering solution transformed this asset management company’s ability to optimize investment portfolios with ESG data. Data analytics processes that used to take three full-time employees to accomplish can now be easily processed on a daily basis.


This European multinational company provides investment management solutions to clients around the world. With more than £200 billion in assets under management, the company employs nearly 1,000 people.


Difficulty integrating and analyzing ESG data

With an increasing focus on sustainable investing, the company wanted to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data into its portfolio optimization processes. However, the teams working on the ESG initiative struggled with rudimentary tools and manual processes. They found it hard to compile, consolidate, and integrate external data from sources like the World Bank Group, Reporters Without Borders, and the World Inequality Database with internal portfolio asset information. The ESG teams also wanted to transform and enhance the data so asset managers could easily access and understand the information to make ESG-based investment decisions.


Automated data analytics pipelines replaced tedious manual processes

UST provided a managed data science services solution using our platform, an enterprise framework with accelerators to help companies create artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)-based analytics solutions. The data engineering system was designed to run automated data analytics pipelines daily to help asset managers optimize portfolios for sustainable investing. The solution:


Reducing 70% of manual work effort to collect, analyze, and share ESG data

Now, the company can easily run data analytics pipelines on a daily basis—a task that previously took three full-time employees to accomplish in the same timeframe. The automated processes eliminated 70% of the manual work effort to collect, process, and share ESG data with portfolio managers. The visual dashboard provided asset managers with an intuitive tool to analyze ESG data and optimize investments.


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