UST helped global appliance company save flailing Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation

Case study

UST helped global appliance company save flailing Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation

Small appliance manufacturer contacted UST to save a 3 year long botched Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment. Within seven months, UST rolled out the application suite and onboarded over 12,000 users.


This multinational company manufactures small home appliances, like vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. The company employs more than 4,000 people and boasts 20 million happy customers.


Needed SI partner to save problematic software implementation

Our client planned to launch new business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales and service channels. The company hired a systems integrator (SI) to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 to support the business operations and CRM functions for the new channels. However, the project ran into several issues. After more than three years, the SI had not delivered much Dynamics 365 functionality, and the modules that were rolled out didn’t effectively leverage the robust capabilities of the application suite. The company needed an SI partner that could rapidly deploy Dynamics 365 and integrate the solution with other company systems.


Turned the project around and successfully rolled out the application in seven months

The UST systems integration team was up to speed on the project in just eight weeks. Within seven months, they successfully rolled out the Dynamics 365 application suite to support the new B2B and B2C sales and service channels. The SI project team also integrated the new Microsoft solution with more than 12 existing company applications, including SAP ERP and Technician App.


Rapid user adoption of Dynamics 365 supported new B2B and B2C sales and service channels

After the successful software launch, user adoption soared for the new Dynamics 365 application. In 11 months, more than 16,000 users were live on the CRM module, and nearly 12,000 people were live across the application suite.