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Case study

UST helped communications technology company transform eSIM UI to remain a market leader

With an upcoming product launch, this communications technology company needed a skilled product development team to help resolve business and technology issues that would enable it to successfully roll-out a new product interface of Sim and devices management solution for enterprise customers.


Founded a decade ago, this company has transformed the cellular communications industry by offering one of the world's largest distributed mobile cloud core networks. Its API and SIM technologies have helped businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to enterprises, scale IoT application deployments.


Company needed skilled product development team to salvage new product launch

The company was under a tight timeframe to launch a new Enterprise customer portal for Sim and devices management using a modern technology stack to stay ahead of competitors. However, the internal product development team struggled with many business and technical challenges that hampered the roll-out. In tandem, the company wanted to revamp the UI of its Customer Portal product to streamline the user experience.

The company needed to hire a technology partner that could provide a cohesive team of product development experts with a solid, agile mindset, a proven Scrum methodology, and an established quality assurance process. The partner also needed a deep knowledge of Vue 2/Vue 3 and GraphQL.


Serverless computing transformed Customer SIM and Device management PortalUI with intuitive workflow and scalable infrastructure

After a one-day workshop that resulted in a proof of concept, the company hired UST to execute the project. The UST team used AWS’ serverless computing technologies, as well as AWS Lambda, AWS CodeBuild with Webpack, Amazon DynamoDB, and GitHub actions, to isolate and streamline the UI, making it much easier for end-user customers to manage the SIM purchase and regestration process.

In addition to the simplified end-user UI, the new solution offered the company’s retail partners a white-label interface for customized branding. By implementing a modern serverless infrastructure, the company’s Customer SIM and Device management Portal offering is more scalable and flexible, enabling the company to easily add new mobile service providers and retail channel partners and release new features and functionality to keep pace with customer demands.


Streamlined UI helped cellular communications company stay ahead of competition

After successfully launching the revamped Customer SIM and Device management Portal UI on the new modern, flexible infrastructure, nearly all of the company’s mobile service and retail partners migrated their more than 10,000 end-user customers to the new, more intuitive interface.


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