Case Study

UST helped an Indian financial institution reduce 97% of NOC alerts with UST SmartOps

With a complex application footprint in its NOC, this India-based NBFC wanted to improve the efficiency of managing alerts generated from different monitoring tools. After implementing UST SmartOps, the company eliminated 97% of its alerts and automated 94% of network-related service tickets.


This non-banking financial company (NBFC), headquartered in India, offers loans, insurance, and other monetary services. It operates thousands of branch locations, employs more than 20,000 people, and serves millions of customers every year.


Struggled with complex, cumbersome network operations processes

This financial services company used many applications and tools to monitor its mission-critical network operations. The complex application footprint generated a high volume of alerts, and network operations center (NOC) personnel had to spend excessive time manually reviewing the alerts to identify and act upon legitimate network issues—while weeding out the false positives. These cumbersome processes often led to SLA violations and high operational costs.


Implemented UST SmartOps to streamline NOC monitoring

UST implemented UST SmartOps an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cognitive automation platform, in a PaaS model to automate NOC operations as follows:


Enhanced branch operations resilience

Now, the Indian financial institution has much more efficient NOC processes. Company executives like the CXO dashboard because they have complete visibility into the impact of system downtime on branch operations and can prioritize resolutions based on the business impact.

In addition, the AI-based automations from UST SmartOps have helped the company: