Case Study

UST helped American grocery store chain boost revenue by 200% through a 17+ year partnership

A single engagement—for application production support—has expanded to include development and support for nearly every technology system at this regional grocery store chain. With UST as its technology partner, the company increased its application footprint by 70% and revenue by 200%. It has also expanded its store footprint by 41%, adding 60% more self-checkout lanes.


Founded more than a century ago, this privately held American grocery retailer operates approximately 425 locations, generates nearly $40 billion in annual revenue, and donates millions of dollars each year to the communities it serves.


Application production support for 145 systems

In 2006, the company needed a technology partner to help manage approximately 140 production applications. The vendor required 24x7 support for incident and problem management, service requests, and system monitoring.


Initial application support project led to a long-running 17+ years of partnership

UST implemented an offshore development center (ODC) model with 55 tech experts working around the clock to help the retailer manage its 145 production applications. The success of that initial project in 2006 kicked off a 17-year (and counting) engagement that now encompasses more than 250 UST associates operating in the U.S. and OCDs in India and the Philippines, supporting 245 applications across more than 40 technology disciplines.

Today, the engagements include:

Seamless support during Covid-19 pandemic

As pandemic lockdowns swept the globe and consumers shifted en masse to online grocery shopping, UST dedicated resources to ensure the company’s ecommerce website could handle the volume. The team:

In addition, UST helped the company quickly develop and release mobile apps to facilitate social distancing for:

Responding to a catastrophic, record-breaking weather event

When a historic weather event hit the company’s core area of operations in 2021, crippling the area for more than a week with lingering impacts for many more weeks, UST immediately shifted the company’s entire U.S. IT support operations to India. The swift action ensured that the company’s impacted employees could focus on their personal safety with peace of mind that IT operations were in good hands, running business as usual.


Long-standing partnership facilitates retailer’s soaring growth

Over the course of UST’s 17-year technology partnership, the grocery store chain has: