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Case study

UST deployed comprehensive IT asset-tracking solution at global telco - increased policy compliance, security, and visibility

Technology leaders wanted better visibility and tracking of the company's IT assets. UST's Experience Design team deployed a robust IT asset management solution that provided a 360 degreeview of the company's technology infrastructure. It also ensured development teams comply with IT governance and security policies.


Founded nearly 30 years ago, this telecommunications company has become a leading provider of wireless services in North America. Offering flexible, competitive services, the company has almost 115 million customers and generates approximately $80 billion in revenue annually.


Lack of IT asset-tracking solution caused security vulnerabilities and governance challenges

Our client needed a centralized, enterprise-wide IT asset-tracking solution to manage application releases, monitor environment maintenance, comply with cloud security policies, remediate violations, monitor and reduce cloud costs. The director of autonomous platform teams wanted to find a technology partner to use design thinking principles to create and implement a comprehensive, intuitive solution with detailed reporting and traceability.


A scalable, secure, cost-effective solution streamlined IT asset oversight

UST’s experience design team devised and deployed a unified IT asset management platform that included:


IT leaders gained end-to-end visibility of technology assets

The comprehensive asset management solution gave the company a centralized location to track and monitor all IT assets across the enterprise. The modern user interface with intuitive data visualizations and detailed reporting provided IT leaders with a 360 degree of the company's technology infrastructure with drill-down capabilities by organization, role, and business unit. The compliance tool has been beneficial in ensuring IT assets comply with the company's governance policies.