Case Study

Unlocking the potential of data

How a leading hospital harnessed the power of data.


The value of actionable analytics

Our client, a leading American university hospital, wanted to make their vast trove of data actionable. Since their existing system did not allow them to perform advanced analysis, they partnered with UST to create a solution that harnessed the full potential of data analytics.


A swift transition to data-driven decision-making

Our client was using their local server with no data management controls as a repository to store their echocardiogram data. This data was not integrated or standardized, and therefore was not able to support any complex analytical needs. In addition, the absence of archival and disaster recovery plans was putting their entire system at risk. We recognized the need to quickly evolve our client towards an advanced approach, which would allow them to accumulate, manage, analyze and assimilate large volumes of disparate data.


Adopting an efficient, nimble approach

We created a flexible Data Lake approach to reduce complexity and processing burden, while preserving end-user interfaces and interactions with existing enterprise data warehouses.

This approach delivered a significant cost advantage and improved the ability to respond to the needs of the business. We designed and configured a flexible environment for data storage, enabling access to patient demographic data, textual information, measurement values, and DICOM image data from various sources.


Better decisions through real-time analytics

By combining the power of modern BI and analytics in an integrated operational reporting platform, our solution was able to provide valuable insights to drive better decision-making.

Our solution was able to solve for multiple client challenges such as the access to real-time data, data integration, and interactive data visualization.


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