Transforming the digital user experience

Case Study

Transforming the digital user experience

How an established leader in the retail pharmacy sector transformed its offerings


A customer-centric digital transformation

Our client was looking to become an industry leader in online retail pharmacy by growing market share and increasing customer satisfaction. Partnering with UST, they transformed their digital user experience and improved their delivery, resulting in exponential growth and increased efficiency.


Migrating to agile and beyond

Our client turned to UST to create a unified, scalable solution. Their legacy systems were incurring high infrastructure costs. Provisioning a new environment took 3 weeks on average. The lack of agility in the development and testing processes and the lack of continuous integration and deployment slowed down their feature implementation process. Complex dependencies meant that each feature release took 6-8 months on average.


Adopting an efficient agile solution

We worked with our client to establish a capable DevOps team supporting multiple transformation programs. Enabling a quick project turnaround, we completed our client’s desired infrastructure setup, tools configuration and environment creation within 6 months. Currently, about 20 applications services are using the new microservices-based infrastructure, incurring less than 25% of the cost compared to their previous infrastructure.


Deploying and scaling a future-ready strategy

The project made it possible for our client to achieve speed-to-market with high levels of automation limiting the need for manual activities. Their business has a platform for growth which other transformation programs are now leveraging. The auto-scaling digital platform we put in place handles usage spikes and avoids unnecessary costs. We saw the results of our work in action when the platform successfully scaled for a 200% spike in usage during the launch of our client’s TV campaign.


A preview of our toolbox

When the right team with the required tools and industry knowledge, it is possible to achieve great things.

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