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Transforming the Consumer Finance Business

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How a leading multinational bank adopted business transformation through technology.


Adapting to the new digital ecosystem

Consumer finance customers are increasingly looking for on-demand, virtual services. Our client, a leading multinational bank, needed to adjust its business model to keep up with the evolving digital ecosystem. They turned to UST to help adapt to changing customer expectations, with the goal of applying transformative technology to the finance experience.


Transformation as a business imperative

Our client was facing new, non-traditional competitors, and they understood that they needed to innovate and adapt their offerings and enhance their core banking offering. This included building the Consumer Finance business segment as its own entity by offering differentiated products. One of the key objectives included enabling commercial partners with a product to simplify their financing operations and their client interfacing capabilities.


Crafting a personalized digital solution

Our objective: To enable the commercial partners to provide a better customer experience by equipping them with a “plug-and-play” solution with global integration, allowing lending operations across countries. We were tasked with conceptualizing and delivering this solution, focusing first on the automotive lending segment. A critical element in the program involved the ability to consume third-party APIs seamlessly to enable easy onboarding, as well as the ability to provide consumer finance solutions through a single window. We worked with our client to create an orders approach to offering and consuming APIs.


Driving expansion into new products and services

Our client was able to offer a plug-and-play solution with a single global integration to its clients and partners. This new offer has been perceived as a breakthrough by CFC clients. The platform has opened up dynamic new business opportunities for financial institutions to enrich their services and products.


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