Case Study

Transforming marketing strategies in asset and wealth management with private GenAI research tool

The company wanted to create a private GenAI solution to accelerate market research, and UST quickly delivered a solution using the UST GenAI Sandbox. User adoption escalated so quickly that the bank rolled it out across the entire company in a matter of months.


With over $150 billion in assets, this multinational financial management company offers investment banking and asset management services to institutional investors and individuals worldwide.


Designing a secure Generative AI environment for market research

When the company’s global head of infrastructure and operations saw a demo of the UST GenAI Sandbox solution, a low-code, generative AI (GenAI) development platform, he was intrigued about how it could help the bank accelerate time-intensive manual processes. With a specific use case in mind, he asked UST to develop a proof of concept (POC) to help the market research team quickly sift through hundreds of documents to analyze how economic conditions affected investment assets. Since most documents would come from internal sources, the company didn’t want to use a public GenAI tool. Instead, the ideal solution needed to reside inside the company’s IT infrastructure. Because the global head of infrastructure and operations didn’t have the engineering or GenAI expertise in-house, nor did he and his team have the bandwidth to stay on top of the rapidly evolving AI landscape, he knew working with UST’s GenAI team would be a more efficient option to deliver a scalable, flexible solution quickly.


Successful POC quickly led to the enterprise-wide deployment of the GenAI research tool

During the POC development effort, we deployed UST GenAI Sandbox in the company’s existing Microsoft Azure cloud environment. We collaborated with the development team and business users to design the document intelligence solution. Choosing from approximately 120 pre-built components, called “cards,” the team selected eight cards well-suited for its market research automation needs, such as chat, storytelling, single-document search, multi-document search, and a Design My Card option, enabling the creation of custom components.

Once the POC was deployed, productivity across the market research team soared. Word quickly spread across the company about the GenAI solution, and user adoption escalated to the initial anticipated headcount of 350 people. From there, UST migrated the POC to a production environment, so all 1,000 company employees could use the new AI-powered document search solution.


Private GenAI tool accelerated research productivity workflow

Now, the bank has a GenAI solution deployed within its IT infrastructure, allowing employees to securely upload internal documents to the solution for market research. An API integration for GenAI automated the manual document upload, further increasing user productivity. The flexible document search capabilities enable users to ask questions of the AI algorithm to quickly and accurately identify the information they need with document citation details. Employees can create new functionality on the fly with the Design My Card feature. Because the solution is integrated with the company’s Microsoft Power Apps platform, users can generate charts and graphs from the GenAI data points. Detailed reports give company leaders visibility into searches and associated costs, so they can monitor and control usage.