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The Power of Social Media Hiring

Akhilesh Verma - Strategic Talent Acquisition Team Lead - STAT - UST India

The determining factors that impact every recruiter are identity, networking and engagement.

Akhilesh Verma - Strategic Talent Acquisition Team Lead - STAT - UST India

Akhilesh Verma - Strategic Talent Acquisition Team Lead - STAT - UST India

As more people become social and digital natives, the nature of job search changes as well. As a result, social recruiting has become increasingly critical and imperative for companies. With LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter now boasting over 4.5 billion combined users, recruiters must leverage social networks to attract potential job candidates.

Underestimating social recruiting

Imagine this scenario - A typical day in the talent acquisition department of a multinational IT company:

The company needs to fill a Head of Engineering position urgently. The progress has been slow, even with a few candidates shortlisted and lined up for interviews. There is an additional sense of urgency from the business unit head since the Leadership team, especially the CTO, is doing an aggressive follow-up on this niche role. They just have two weeks to close.

The senior manager of leadership, Ravi, hiring and the global head of leadership hiring, John, were both frustrated. They had tried practically everything possible to get the right candidate for this role, i.e., using LinkedIn, job portals, internal and external references, and cold calling. But due to the complexity and the niche skills required for this role, they saw minimal results.

A chance conversation with his colleague Andrew during a coffee break was the breakthrough Ravi needed. Andrew always seemed a step ahead of the other recruiters in the office. He genuinely understood the power and importance of social media hiring, while most people underestimated it.

He explained to Ravi that social media recruitment is using social media platforms to identify, engage and vet people the organization may want to hire. This HR practice, which is sometimes called social hiring or simply social recruiting, uses social media sites and other internet options, such as blogs, and videos, to reach potential job candidates.

Three Critical Factors

Andrew further explained the three critical factors that determine social media experience irrespective of platforms to Ravi. These are essential determining factors that impact every recruiter's desk:

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Key Social Media Platforms:

LinkedIn -

Facebook -

Twitter -

Instagram -

YouTube -

Google Currents - G Suite App

Social Media Recruiting Strategies:

Andrew's depth of knowledge for social recruiting amazed Ravi, who had no idea so much strategy went into the process. He began to understand why it is the next powerful tool for hiring. There will certainly be an improvement in both the quantity and quality of candidates, and it is worthwhile to put time and energy into implementing these strategies. It takes a focused, concentrated approach and patience because building a solid online presence takes time.

Andrew's detailed insights helped Ravi re-align his search. He was a fast learner, and the very next month's hiring announcement stated the critical and successful hiring of the Head of Engineering. Ravi was recognized for his hard work and nominated for the best innovative performer award.

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