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The Benefits of Multicloud Management

Andrew Das | Head of Product | UST Cloud Infrastructure Services

COVID-19 has caused organizations to take a hard look at costs and make long-overdue changes, forcing businesses to revisit their tech stack.

Andrew Das | Head of Product | UST Cloud Infrastructure Services

One way companies have been able to save costs recently has been transitioning to the cloud. But moving to one cloud provider does not ensure an optimization strategy. Too much can go wrong when you put all of your operations into one cloud provider.

Smart executives know moving to the cloud means using multiple providers as a way to ensure operations run smoothly. Much like you have a backup traditional server, you need to have cloud redundancies, to support the following:

Managing applications across multiple cloud service providers offers superior benefits but also increases complexity. MultiCloud data management solutions are complex. They require specific cloud governance policies which means ensuring compliance can be a tricky affair.

Another issue is security. Cloud providers have suitable protocols and out-of-the-box tools to make sure that their offerings are safe, but the responsibility for securing data itself still lies with the enterprise.

That’s where a MultiCloud management platform like UST MultiCloud Manager comes in, by providing tools to monitor workloads across different service providers. With the capability to provide faster, more reliable cloud services and optimize cloud spend across service providers, enterprises have the visibility to more effectively manage cloud environments.

Most importantly, MultiCloud management provides enterprises improved security and decreases the complexities involved in managing cloud storage. Introducing effective, real-time security and governance which can be suitable for MultiCloud management is critical. This makes it possible to deliver continued protection for users and their data.

The Road ahead

Many organizations who have moved to the cloud are now realizing they need multiple providers. While that produces real value over time, they will need a MultiCloud infrastructure solution, which augments reliability and enhances essential business capabilities. MultiCloud management is the backbone to align any modernization strategy and position the business at the center of the digital future.

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