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Ten lessons to learn from IDEP use cases

Intelligent document extraction and processing (IDEP) is integral to the business process. Both structured and unstructured data processing are equally important, which means efficient leveraging of data fabric technologies. While extracting information from incoming content is familiar, the growing need for more profound insights has increased the demand for advanced IDEP solutions.

The recent Forrester study, “Ten Lessons from Intelligent Document Extraction and Processing Use Cases,” highlights how organizations can achieve successful IDEP deployments. The research recommends:

Buying a solution from an independent software vendor (ISV) or consultant achieves better results than home-grown solutions. These experts leverage AI/ML, Natural Language Processing (NLP), computer vision, and robotic process automation (RPA) to help accelerate IDEP adoption.

Read the Forrester study on IDEP uses cases and successful IDEP deployments. It also showcases UST SmartOps’ IDEP capability, SmartVision, which transforms document-centric business processes.

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