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Case Study

Optimizing IT operations

How a leading retailer automated their IT helpdesk operations


Streamlining the IT helpdesk with AI and automation

A large retailer wanted to drive efficiency and cut costs for their IT helpdesk operations. They partnered with UST SmartOps™ to optimize their processes through automation.


Creating efficient solutions

Our client needed to reduce the volume of IT incident tickets as well as the time it took to resolve incidents. Our automated solution also needed to improve employee attrition.


Automating manual processes

Our team examined our client’s IT helpdesk operations and prioritized the processes that needed to be automated. We used machine learning algorithms to classify tickets based on past data. Natural language understanding (NLU) was used to read tickets and identify the main issues, while robotic process automation (RPA) resolved the tickets without human intervention.


Improving IT helpdesk operations

Our AI-powered cognitive automation platform streamlined process flows, which drove increased efficiency and savings for our client. The processing effort and resolution time of helpdesk tickets were reduced, and the first time fix rate was improved.

Reduction in processing effort
Savings in Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR)
1st time fix rate (improved from 78%)


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