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Mydin automates and streamlines refrigeration and freezer temperature monitoring with UST cold truth solution

With UST’s Cold Truth solution, Mydin is expected to see a 36 percent reduction in food spoilage.


Mydin is one of Malaysia’s leading Halal grocery retail chains, with more than 2500 employees and 65 + outlets.


Manual, error-prone process leaves client vulnerable

Mydin’s freezer and refrigerator temperature control system was totally manual, requiring a tedious monitoring process that was time-consuming and prone to human error. At the time the client engaged with UST, store maintenance staff were checking each individual temperature sensor 5 times every day, exceeding the twice-daily checks required by law. In addition to being inefficient and prone to error, the system created an increased risk of unnoticed temperature fluctuations, which could ultimately lead to increased food spoilage and waste.


An automated system, new cloud infrastructure

UST implemented its Cold Truth solution on an Intel® NUC Kit with an Intel® Celeron® processor. This solution automated the entire temperature monitoring process and migrated it to the cloud. The Cold Truth system records temperatures across all refrigeration units throughout the day. It automatically stores them on the cloud and alerts any out-of-range temperatures to the store manager and nearby available store associate in real-time so they can take immediate action.

At the same time, the Cold Truth cloud infrastructure has increased the accessibility and availability of current and historical data. Store managers and other client team members can access current data, now displayed on an actionable dashboard, at any time and from any connected desktop or mobile device. Historical data can now also be communicated to governmental health inspectors and auditors on demand.


Less waste, more efficiency, reduced costs, and better compliance

With UST’s Cold Truth solution, Mydin is expected to see a 36 percent reduction in food spoilage. Because the system is set up to perform automatic hourly checks at every location, our client will save on labor costs and equipment maintenance. Simplified, accurate reporting has increased our client’s ability to remain compliant with food safety laws, mitigating the risk of fines and other consequences. On a daily basis, store managers are able to maintain better ownership of the temperature monitoring process, taking immediate action when needed while accessing temperature data anytime, anywhere on the cloud. Overall, the Cold Truth system has made our client’s temperature monitoring process more efficient and affordable, less prone to error, and more compliant with important industry safety standards.


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