Case Study

Multinational manufacturer focusing on creating beautiful homes

Through a virtual assistant, Asian Paints, a leading paint manufacturer, transforms users into designers


Visualize dream homes virtually in your color of choice

A leading global paints manufacturer, wanted to enhance the paint-buying experience and delight users through a digital experience that added real value to the consumer journey. They partnered with UST Moonraft to design a mobile application, to deliver a useful and refreshing digital experience allowing users to visualize walls with their choice of color.



Reducing the complexity of choosing wall paint

There was a pressing gap in the paint industry since a consumer’s only way to choose and visualize wall paint was through physical swatches. It was almost impossible to figure out how the room actually looked until the time the paint actually went up on the wall.


Bridging the gap between virtual and physical experiences

Acting as a creative assistant for consumers, the application we created for our client transforms the users into designers, inspiring them through a myriad of colors, styles, and textures. The primary feature of the app, the Visualizer Tool, enables users to look at the walls of their houses embellished with colors and wallpapers. Choosing from an extensive collection, the users can try out different shades on their walls before selecting the perfect colors for their homes. This unique feature guides the customers toward making the right choice in finding the apt shade of paint that completes their homes.


Simplifying the journey of self-expression

The experience inspires and empowers users, invoking creativity by allowing them to experiment with the colors of their choice. Addressing the diverse tastes and preferences of the client’s extensive customer base, the design of the app was backed by detailed user research leading to a comprehensive flow while also ensuring smooth navigation.



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