Case Study

Multinational insurance company migrates to the cloud and embraces DevSecOps

A leading insurance company wanted to migrate 35 on-premise applications to the Azure cloud.


A Fortune 500 company providing customers with a variety of products and services, including life insurance, annuities, retirement-related services, mutual funds, and investment management in the United States and 40 countries.


Cloud transformation is not always simple

A leading insurance company wanted to migrate 35 on-premise applications to the Azure cloud. Still, it lacked a plan or process to successfully evaluate the work effort, prioritize which applications to migrate, and manage the effort once it is underway. The client had been working with a UST competitor, believing the migration would be a simple lift and shift and that tools sets would be identical between on-premise and cloud environments. When they discovered the complexity and need for new tools and processes, UST was engaged as a replacement to deliver cloud transformation.


A nimble way toward cloud migration

UST worked with the client to evaluate the priority of each app and the migration feasibility. A migration plan for both the internal and customer-facing applications was developed. Many were not supported in the Azure cloud in their “as is” state and upgraded before migration. UST instituted a lean-agile methodology including scrums and sprints to improve visibility and productivity among developers. DevSecOps was enabled for development and to ensure monitoring of the application post-migration. This was transformative for the client as on-premise applications were not designed with a DevOps methodology or continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).


Adoption of CI/CD practices drive outcomes

Standard and repeatable processes and frameworks were put in place to enable future cloud migrations from any client’s data centers in multiple geographies. This allowed parallel (2) application migrations to be executed seamlessly by two sub-teams creating an efficiency not previously seen and a way to scale quickly. With the new streamlined and methodical processes, it was possible to achieve 2.5 times increase in developer/engineering productivity due to CI/CD implementation and double the speed of migration to the cloud.


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