Case Study

Foodservice giant boosted market competitiveness with strategic technology revamp & ecommerce deployment

A major North American equipment and commercial goods delivery company struggled with outdated IT solutions and inefficient processes. After UST modernized legacy systems and deployed a B2B ecommerce platform, the company increased online sales revenue 20% in the first year and streamlined operations.


Our client has been a dedicated partner to restaurants, breweries, and distilleries for over 90 years. They ensure immediate and ongoing success for their clients by providing strategic guidance and essential products for peak performance.


Overcoming obsolete systems in a fast-paced ecommerce race

Our client grappled with outdated systems and inefficient processes that severely limited operations. In particular, the IT team struggled to integrate ecommerce solutions with legacy systems. Despite attempts at digital transformation in the past, they had difficulty keeping up with the rapid shift towards ecommerce. This led to delivery delays, decreased customer satisfaction, and an inability to handle increasing online traffic. Additionally, their lack of sophisticated analytics tools and underperforming CRM systems prevented them from making informed decisions and effectively managing customer relationships.


UST’s comprehensive digital solutions propelled the company into an ecommerce future

We addressed our client's challenges by launching a strategic transformation, combining expert advisory services with cutting-edge technological enhancements. Our advisory team set clear goals and performance indicators, creating a roadmap to overcome the client's challenges. The initiative included:


UST’s transformation yielded massive gains in revenue and operational efficiency

The successful engagement contributed to these impressive results: