Case Study

Leading UK parcel service provider transforms IT infrastructure to handle seasonal demand

Variations were as large as a 500-600K increase in parcels needing to be delivered from one quarter to the next.


Our client is a leading UK-based parcel and delivery collection company with more than 5,000 employees across the United Kingdom and generating nearly $2 billion in sales revenue.


IT challenges create risk of losing business

At the start of the client’s engagement with UST, they were facing challenges with IT scalability to handle seasonal changes in parcel delivery demand. Variations were as large as a 500-600K increase in parcels needing to be delivered from one quarter to the next. Because the client’s IT infrastructure was unable to cope with the load, critical batch jobs were failing and parcels were often delayed or missed. As a result, customer confidence suffered and the client experienced potential loss of business.


Effective application management leads to smooth cloud transition

The client had two primary goals: to bring in a vendor to handle their business-as-usual operations and internally uplift their internal IT framework to better handle variations in demand throughout the year.

UST handled the cloud transformation to AWS and provided managed services for all BAU applications including problem management, incident and change management, web technologies and message broker services. This provided 24/7 monitoring, effective triaging, and a strong IT support team that led to a decrease in customer call-outs, the stabilization of IT batch jobs, and quicker problem management fixes.


Improved IT scalability enhances customer satisfaction

Reducing the amount of Level-3 support, moving many of the core IT apps to the cloud, and providing difficult to find technical resources with experience in web and broker service technologies such as Java or RabbitMQ, allowed the client to focus on IT transformation and create more scalability within their IT systems. Enhanced problem management resolution resulted in 99.9% application availability, an availability metric never seen before. The client is now able to effectively handle seasonal load variations and provide customers confidence in their services.


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