Case Study

Leading electronics retailer adds D2C channel and improves customer experience with SAP commerce solution.

UST provided a forward-thinking approach leveraging SAP commerce solution to transform the client’s back-end commerce functions and front-end UX design and creatives.


Our client is a global leader in electronics with more than $75 billion in annual sales and 110K+ employees worldwide.


Build a better customer-centric business model to capture competitive advantage amidst the changing retail landscape.

The client approached UST to implement a digital direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel into their business model. They lacked a digital strategy and had multiple digital solutions deployed in multiple regions. Given the changing retail landscape (even before the pandemic), the client recognized they needed a strategy to include a universal solution across locations as well as an omnichannel approach. They also needed a partner to help them build a strong and scalable transformative solution that delivers a robust and seamless user experience. Incorporating loyalty, financing, personalization, and a streamlined check-out were top priorities to incorporate. A combination of UST technology and SAP commerce solutions would realize the client’s goals.


Fresh focus on the customer journey using end-to-end commerce solutions to drive engagement and insights.

UST provided a forward-thinking approach leveraging SAP commerce solution to transform the client’s back-end commerce functions and front-end UX design and creatives. This newly developed optimized solution now features consistent messaging voice and content for their product and offerings portfolio. With these foundational pieces in place, the client was able to launch important personalization initiatives such as a rewards program designed to drive customer loyalty and brand engagement. Simultaneously, they can now capture deeper insights into the customer journey through their integrated third-party ordering platform, which customers use to create accounts and maintain a history of brand interactions and purchases.

These new tools enable the client to share messaging throughout the site and via email that is brand intact throughout the order lifecycle (i.e. abandoned cart emails, order status updates, and purchase follow-up communications).


Seamless back-end operations with localized business requirements integration + competitive customer experience.

The client now has an end-to-end vehicle for D2C sales with a 360-degree view of the customer journey, resulting in better brand messaging and an improved customer experience. They are now well-positioned to expand and finesse a stronger and better customer experience as the industry evolves.

The SAP Commerce solution enhanced and integrated by UST acts as a scalable blueprint offering a globalized seamless buying experience while honoring localized business requirements. Today, this new solution is deployed in North America and parts of Europe. UST’s role as implementation partner continues during the solution refinement and roll out to additional regions.


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