Case study

Jedediah’s Catering & Concessions at Jackson Hole Airport increased sales by 50% with UST Vision Checkout

This quick-serve airport restaurant integrated a contactless UST Vision Checkout system with its existing manned POS system and reduced labor costs by 50%, saved 75% on operating costs, and increased transaction accuracy by 97%.


Jedediah’s has been in the specialty dining and catering business in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area for more than 40 years. In 2006, the company opened the only quick-service restaurant at the Jackson Hole Airport. Today, Jedidiah’s serves more than 500,000 passengers each year in the Jackson Hole Airport and the Aspen/Pitkin County airport in Colorado.


Busy airport restaurant needed frictionless checkout solution to streamline operations

Although Jedediah’s at the Jackson Hole Airport caters to busy travelers, employees struggled with cumbersome systems and processes that couldn’t support the fast-paced environment. The company planned to launch a new grab-and-go product line and needed a self-service checkout system to support the new menu offerings, alleviate staffing shortages, and long payment processing wait times. In addition, the CEO wanted to:


Consolidated checkout system for both manned and self-service payments transformed operations

By integrating UST Vision Checkout, a touchless retail transaction solution, with Jedediah’s existing manned payment system, the UST project team created a single point of sale (POS) platform to process both in-person and frictionless payment options. Once the new POS system was in place, the company rolled-out a grab-and-go product line, creating a 24x7 self-service food option at the airport. The flexible payment choices for contactless credit cards, QR codes, app wallets, and cash enhanced the customer experience and enabled employees to focus on other tasks. Thanks to rapid product recognition, items are identified for payment transactions in less than five seconds, which expedites the checkout process and helps eliminate human errors. The new UST Vision Checkout system also allows Jedediah’s to easily add new SKUs to its ready-made product offerings—with minimal employee training. Also, the built-in analytics collect, process, and analyze sales, inventory, and trend data, so the CEO and store manager can continuously optimize operations, make data-driven decisions, and identify growth opportunities.


Modern, contactless checkout system helped Jedediah’s reduce labor costs by 50%

The innovative solution helped Jedidiah’s Catering & Concessions streamline processes, optimize staffing, enhance order management, and view real-time inventory data. According to Jedediah’s general manager, Rhea Brough, “At Jackson Hole Airport, most flights depart at midday, meaning that vendors can rapidly see an influx of 500 to 1,000 people, making it difficult to move customers efficiently though the checkout process. The addition of UST Vision Checkout gives passengers the ability to quickly self-checkout through a rapid process that is guided by AI. This makes it easier for us to rapidly meet their needs and ensure that everyone has the food they need prior to boarding.”

To date, the company has realized these benefits: