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Is it possible to create a unique experience for customers at a lower cost?

Sandra Escudero, Head of Customer Success

To offer the customer a unique experience, and in turn accelerate business growth, there are platforms that unify the customer experience and make the process of building new initiatives more efficient.

Sandra Escudero

Sandra Escudero, Head of Customer Success

We are experiencing a change of era, where organisations are driving cultural changes, seeking to improve operational efficiency and expand marketing capabilities. On the other hand, technology is reaching a dizzying pace of evolution to drive much-needed digital development.

However, at present there is no technological application that allows complete digital evolution in an organisation. Instead, there is a set of technologies that, when integrated, can permit transformation of the key processes that are required for evolution.

One of the companies currently building digital products is Modyo, of which US has become a recent Worldwide Premier Partner.

But what does it offer companies?

The platform will allow the creation of digital products for its customers where it will unify the online experience and thus accelerate growth, optimising time to value for end customers. It will also streamline the internal process of creating top-quality digital initiatives. This platform offers content for any device, both web and mobile, and provides a portfolio of ready-to-use digital experiences with multiple templates for sectors such as banking, insurance and other industries such as retail.

In addition, it provides a set of benefits across key features, such as:

From my point of view, having a platform with multiple options makes it easier nowadays for large organisations to work with different teams and on different aspects of the same project.