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Improved application delivery speed and productivity with agile business framework and DevSecOps

DevOps delivers new digital capabilities 30% faster, leading to a 10% increase in productivity.


This American multinational investment bank was founded over 75 years ago, has offices in more than 40 countries, and employs more than 75,000 people.


Bank wanted to modernize application development ecosystem to deliver digital capabilities faster

The bank realized its digital capabilities were lacking compared to competitors, and its customer experience wasn’t as streamlined as it could be. For example, if a customer wanted to transfer money between geographic regions, they had to call the bank and ask someone to make the transfer. Customers at competitor banks could easily transfer money between geographic regions via self-service functionality on a website or an app. To improve its digital capabilities, gain business agility, and ultimately enhance the customer experience, the bank wanted to modernize its application development ecosystem from a traditional waterfall approach to a more flexible agile DevOps model. The bank also wanted to align its line of business leaders more closely with the application development and IT leadership to ensure everyone was synchronized to deliver exceptional customer experiences to achieve the bank’s goals.


CTO Transformed app development with agile business strategy

The bank embarked on an enterprise-wide business agility transformation initiative to realign how division and technology leaders work together to deliver digital capabilities faster. Since shifting from a linear waterfall development methodology to a more collaborative, iterative agile business model can be challenging for many organizations, the bank’s global CTO established an Agile Center of Excellence and enlisted UST to guide the transformation. Using change management strategies, UST helped the bank implement a business agility framework and a global application delivery model customized to meet the bank’s needs. UST also provided coaching services at strategic leadership, tribe, squad, portfolio, and team levels. This ensures everyone understands high-level business agility principles, roles, responsibilities, expectations, intricacies, constraints, and best practices for agile methodology, CI/CD, and DevOps application development. UST assembled a group of seven enterprise coaches in New York, Montreal, London, and Mumbai who mobilized an additional 80 people in nine countries to implement a coach-the-coach model. They helped transfer knowledge and advise the bank’s internal enterprise agility teams as they implemented the agile DevOps model across ten business units and four horizontal business lines.


Business and development teams embrace enterprise business agility initiative, deliver digital functionality 30% faster

After establishing global and regional coaching chapters and dojos, the bank’s business, IT leaders, and development teams have embraced the agile business transformation effort. The bank’s DevOps teams are delivering new digital capabilities 30% faster than before, and the teams have increased productivity by 10%. The effort to improve business agility has been so successful that the initiative has already expanded to an additional nine business units and horizontal departments.


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