ICU Telemonitoring Solution Saves Lives and Improves the Patient Experience

Case Study

ICU telemonitoring solution saves lives and improves the patient experience

During the ongoing COVID pandemic, UST’s team successfully implemented the client’s solution for a major Indian hospital network that had 14 locations covering 160+ ICU beds.


Our client is a leading international healthcare technology company with more than 80,000 employees operating in over 100 companies.


Scaling an innovative SaaS-based remote ICU solution to help hospitals respond rapidly to a global pandemic

Intensive Care Units (ICUs) around the world are facing increasing challenges as the pandemic has brought on unprecedented demand for ICU bed availability, qualified specialists to staff them, and round-the-clock critical patient care. To address this challenge, our client developed two sophisticated solutions for consultative critical care and anesthesia, which together offer remote monitoring capabilities and increase a hospital’s bandwidth to provide quality care at scale. The client’s commercial department needed a partner to execute a successful roll-out, which included product installation, hospital staff training, and ongoing IT support.


Tight integration, a command center, and tele-ICU capabilities extend high-quality care to more patients

UST partnered with the client to deliver seamless implementations in 30+ hospitals across India, including two of the client’s most valuable customers: a hospital chain with 14 locations and a marquee hospital and medical college in northern India. UST guided the client through a successful product deployment, handling IT hardware installation and maintenance, network support, and helpdesk services. UST also took the lead on training hospital staff, doctors, and other end users.

Rather than simply eliminating prior solutions before implementing new ones, UST engaged directly with the client’s customers to integrate the solutions with existing medical infrastructure, reducing disruption and increasing adoption enthusiasm. UST team members represented themselves as members of the client company to maintain a consistent customer experience throughout the process.

UST’s also established a command center for triage services that seamlessly connected care providers to a wider caseload of critical patients than doctors would be able to treat individually. During the ongoing COVID pandemic, UST’s team successfully implemented the client’s solution for a major Indian hospital network that had 14 locations covering 160+ ICU beds. These command center triage services not only accelerated the quality of care while the hospital network was facing pressure to support demand but also protected care providers from the front-line risks of exposure to the virus.


Accelerated adoption of remote tele ICUs

UST’s proven approaches to implementation strategy and digital transformation enhanced the client’s ability to deliver product solutions in faster, more cost-effective ways. At the same time, UST helped to optimize the end-user customer experience and minimize process disruption by dedicating its own team members to nearly round-the-clock support services. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when the need for ICU beds was more urgent than ever, this quick and seamless delivery was critical not only to the client but to the many lives saved by remote-enabled patient care.


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